Portrait Experience Tips

Personal portrait experiences bring me so much joy. My goal for each portrait session is to create a unique and comfortable setting where my clients can feel special and beautiful! Here are a few tips on how to make your session an experience that will not only impress your clients but feed your creativity.

Choose a Location that Stands Out

It’s no secret that pulling off a photo session doesn’t end at creating a shot list. One of the trickiest parts of planning each portrait experience is choosing locations appropriate to your client’s theme or interests. I always send out a questionnaire to find out more about each client to tailor the photo shoot to their needs and wants.

For example, Megan put down Hobson Grove in Kentucky as one of her favorite local spots to visit, which was the perfect setting for her session. I like to get there early and photograph the location before the client gets there. This helps with scouting the best places on the property, setting the scene for a blog post, and highlighting the venue.

Bring Props to Set the Scene

I brought a wicker tote filled with fresh flowers and a hat. This makes the session a little more focused. I imagined this shoot looking like she just came from the market where she purchased florals for a dinner party she was having with her friends. When you give your shoot a backstory it feels real and intentional.

Help Your Clients Choose a Wardrobe

Create a palette that works for your brand and send it to every client you book! I always encourage my female clients to wear something that flows. This helps add movement to your shoot which comes across as artful and romantic in your images. I also love when my couples dress up!

Add Variety to Your Portrait Experiences

Make sure you have long, medium, and detail shots to make your session look interesting and beautiful. Adding variety not only gives you more to choose from, but it creates more client memories and tells a complete story of the photoshoot.

Thanks for Reading! Enjoy Your Portrait Sessions.

Let me know what tip you’re going to integrate into your next session or send an email if you have any questions! Happy shooting!

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